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Everybody Notice! Big News! Urgent!

Author:Elle Hu    Date:14/12/19    Visits:
Three customers of us were frauded by some one who pretended to be one of us. They use our company name to fraud. Everyone, pls be more careful. They quoted in a very low price, just like USD 0.1x....An impossible price. Don't believe them.

   We are Kangjiaxu Bags Industry Co.,Ltd. And  our e-mail  suffix are all" kjxbags.com". Pls notice and be more careful.
    Our MOQ is 1000pcs, we don't have a stock. We are always welcome OEM and sample order.
    By now, we are already have  3 customers were frauded by the hatefu lier.
   Actions have been taken by us. If you received different e-mails from one company, pls check it and be careful.